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Lunch in the Dark

Lunch in the Dark is a special event offered by Dialogue in the Dark Singapore. It aims to raise awareness towards visual impairment through a dining experience.

Lunch in the Dark will require visitors to consume a full course meal in complete darkness. Without the help of sight, visitors will undergo a transformational yet challenging process where they will have to rely on their other senses to help them dine.

A visually impaired guide would lead participants to their seats in the dark dining area. Individual dishes will be served to participants and they will have to locate the correct cutlery placed in front of them. Water jugs and empty glasses will also be distributed to participants and they will have to manage the pouring of their own drinks without spillage. Throughout the experience, participants are encouraged to communicate with each other to help them manage their fear and apprehension throughout the experience.

At the end of the dining session, visitors will have to find their way out to the light and they will then find out about the dishes they were served in darkness.

This program encourages interaction and communication among the participants as well as helps raise awareness on the challenges of visual impairment.


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